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with exclusive production partners in Zimbabwe, Costa Rica and Guatemala

Combining customers and plants, that is what we do best. Our focus is on you, our customer, to make sure we supply you with the right starting material to make your customers happier. We continually develop and supply new products and concepts (such as with a sharp focus on market trends.

We are authentic, dynamic, innovative entrepreneurs, with 40 years of combined experience. We supply globally, with our main focus on the U.S. and Canada. Contact us now to discuss the best trending and quality products for your market! Customer focus | Market trend insights | Innovative solutions


Wereldkaart - Cacti YP
Costa Rica

About us

We are Wander Tuinier and Pieter Koen. We have great passion for and in-depth knowledge of the horticultural market. Our backgrounds, upbringing, studies, and travels have filled our heads and our hearts with everything you need. Let us help you grow your business!

Cacti Youngplants wants to provide you with the best product for a good price. We’ll help you do the groundwork for your thriving business. Let us take on the foundation with our great value for money and short communication lines. Our word is word, a deal’s a deal. Discover our value by contacting us now!


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Echeveria Red Tip

Echeveria agavoides Red Tip


Adromischus cristatus

Echeveria Silver Queen cu

Echeveria Silver Queen