Production locations

With our combined 40-year experience in the horticultural sector, we have seen a lot of plant farms. So we know what is important and what to look for in a production partner.

We have partnered with the best farms, which are located in different climate zones across various continents to bring the best product to you.
Our exclusive partners, who share our knowledge and our passion, are located in:

Wereldkaart - Cacti YP
Costa Rica

Costa Rica

The Floramo farm is located just south of Costa Rica’s capital city San Jose. Blessed with a stable and fairly warm climate, Wouter Groot and the team at Floramo produces a strong range of Echeveria varieties for Cacti Youngplants.

Wouter Groot: "Since 2011 I happily work with Wander Tuinier and proudly produce succulent cuttings for professional growers in North America and Europe."



Conrad and Nicki Archer, together with general manager Pieter van Iperen and their team, run a leading propagation farm in Juliasdale, 3 hrs southeast of the capital, Harare. Being at 1400m altitude creates a perfect climate to grow strong and colourful cuttings of plants like succulents and cacti.

Pieter van Iperen: "Many growers ask specifically for the robust quality products from Zimbabwe."


Cacti Greenhouse

Just 1,5 hr out of Guatemala City, the team of HFT Seedservices is 100% committed to quality and reliability. They produce cacti young plants in various sizes, mainly for the North American market. The geographic location enables them to quickly and efficiently supply into major US and Canadian destinations, both via air freight as well as reefer containers.

Natalia de Luna: "The Rolex of cacti comes from Guatemala."


Cacti Zanten

Starting as a missionary project, COA Flowers now offers employment to more than 50 workers. Being on the equator ensures a very uniform climate throughout the year. The legacy and knowledge of growing grafted cacti was brought in from Asia, creating a hybrid product between Korean production techniques and the African sun.

All of our production partners are as committed as we are to provide you with the best quality products

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