About us

We are Wander Tuinier and Pieter Koen. Together we have 40 years of experience with young plants of succulents, cacti, and green plants.

With our authentic, dynamic, and innovative entrepreneurship, we only want the best. For our customers and our plants, we want the best solutions and products to make the difference.

We continue to develop new ideas and new products, based on our own experience, and based on our customer’s wishes. “No” is never an option! We will keep looking until we find the right solution.

We have great passion for and in-depth knowledge of the horticultural market. Our backgrounds, upbringing, studies, and travels have filled our heads and our hearts with everything you need.

40 years

of experience

Our focus is on you, our customer

Our blood runs green. We were both born into horticultural families. We want to understand everything about your business and your customers to provide the best products and help your company grow.

To ensure an excellent fit, we will analyze your specific market demands and available growing conditions together and advise you about the right products. Factors as geographical location of the (production) farm, sizing and specifications of the product and the best way to transport them will also be taken into consideration. Our personal service and involvement will prove itself. Now let the product speak for itself.

We are entrepreneurs that work with other entrepreneurs, after all. So, we understand what you need. Our team is available when you need us.

Wander Tuinder


“Back in school, studying horticulture and landscaping, I already wanted to start my own business. I love developing new products, not sticking to what is already out there. In South-Africa, I came in contact with and started cutting production of Haworthias, and later entered into the full range of succulents.

In 2019 we started producing cacti and today we ship by sea- and airfreight to customers all over the globe with our main focus on the US and Canada. We have lots of new ideas and items to increase service and products to our customers. And very importantly: it’s fun to work with these products and people all over the world every day.”

Pieter Koen

Supply chain

“Since my first steps, I was surrounded by plants and flowers. I got my first education at my father’s nursery that focussed on niche perennial plants.

Later, I studied Plant Sciences at Wageningen University and got an MBA from the Bradford School of Management. I travelled almost a million miles during the last decade to connect with growers all over the world while employed by leading plant breeding companies.

With Cacti Youngplants we focus on plants for professionals, with a clear scope on succulent and cactus plants. I look foward to work with you as well !”